Check out this heartfelt and humorous journey as we explore the concept of "home" from a uniquely queer perspective. From feng shui and house numerology to the importance of community and self-expression, this episode dives into what makes a house a home. Whether you're moving, settling in, or just reflecting on your space, this episode is packed with insights, laughs, and a touch of fabulous flair. Tune in and find your "success corner" with the Modern Gays!

Daniel and Garet share their personal experiences with house hunting, moving, and creating a space that reflects their authentic selves. They discuss the significance of house numerology, the cultural importance of community, and the emotional connection to one's living space. With a blend of humor and wisdom, they explore the intersection of queerness, comfort, and creativity in the place we call home.

Topics Covered:

  • The journey of house hunting and moving
  • Feng shui and house numerology
  • The importance of community and representation
  • Emotional connection to living space
  • The influence of art and personal expression in home design
  • Reflections on renting vs. buying
  • The unique perspective of queer individuals on home and belonging


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