We explore the concept of "dinks" - Dual Income No Kids - and the idea of forgoing having kids in favor of living a life of potential luxury and adventure. Listen in as we discuss the challenges many gay couples face when considering starting a family and how a lack of education and resources may influence their decision. We also look at the adoption and surrogacy process for LGBTQ+ families, discussing the difficulties and legal challenges that may arise. Hear about our thoughts on balancing the dinks lifestyle with parenthood and how we'll try to navigate it. Lastly, we share some valuable resources for those considering starting a family, like Gays with Kids and Men Having Babies. Don't miss our insights on the importance of connecting with other LGBT parents for education and support.


  • (00:05) - Dinks or Dads: Discussing the luxuries of life with dual income and no kids versus the challenges and determination of becoming LGBTQ+ parents.
  • (06:42) - Surrogacy and Adoption for Families: We discuss 'selfish luxury', traveling with children, law of attraction, adoption, and LGBTQ+ family alternatives.
  • (20:10) - Navigating Surrogacy Laws and Parentage: Surrogacy process, transfer, legal side, changing laws, pre-birth order, research, LGBT support discussed.
  • (24:39) - Resources for Starting a Family: Gays with Kids, Men Having Babies, travel adventures and recharging explored.

Men Having Babies
Gays with Kids
Gay & Lesbian Fertility Options at SDFC

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