Join hosts Dan and Garet as they navigate the intriguing intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the LGBTQIA+ community. Discover AI's origins, its interaction with queer individuals via digital platforms, and its role in content curation and advertising. Engage in the debate around AI's ability to identify sexual orientation, understand the looming uncertainties around AI tech, and explore the empowering potential of knowledge. Investigate the multifaceted aspects of AI, including gender and identity, with a spotlight on Chat GPT and its creator, OpenAI. Discover five surprising AI facts, including AI citizenship and rewarding industry opportunities. Look forward to next week's episode featuring the viral "Am I the drama?" audio from TikTok and Instagram. Join us for a blend of insightful analysis and entertaining anecdotes, demystifying AI's influence on queer online experiences.

Topics Covered:

  • Exploring AI's Origins and Impact
  • Role of AI in Queer Online Interactions
  • Debate: AI's Perception of Sexual Orientation
  • Understanding AI: Fears and Potential
  • Identity Aspects of AI Models
  • Chat GPT and OpenAI: A Closer Look
  • Unveiling Surprising AI Facts
  • Teaser: Discussing Viral 'Am I the Drama?' Trend


  • [00:45] Manchester's role in AI's origin
  • [01:45] Are Google and search engines a form of AI?
  • [02:15] AI's perception of LGBTQIA+ individuals through ads and Instagram explore feeds
  • [03:30] Debating whether AI algorithms can identify sexual orientation based on interests
  • [05:00] AI, Big Data, and their influence on advertising, content, and media
  • [05:30] The fear of the unknown in AI and the power of knowledge
  • [06:45] Pros of AI: Chat GPT's value and benefits
  • [08:15] Cons of AI and connections to the film, The Fifth Element
  • [11:15] Open AI and Chat GPT's creator: the next Google or Apple?
  • [12:00] Chat GPT's pronouns and identity
  • [15:45] Five fun and surprising facts about AI, including AI citizenship and high-paying job opportunities
  • [19:00] Next week's episode: The viral "Am I the drama? Am I the villain?" audio from TikTok and Instagram
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