Get into the nuanced world of modern dating and relationships in this eye-opening episode of Modern Gays. Daniel and Garet chat about the intricacies of flirting, the importance of setting healthy boundaries, and the crucial role of self-worth in forming meaningful connections. Whether discussing the controversial takes of RuPaul on monogamy or the timeless dilemma of revealing too much too soon, this episode is packed with candid insights and laughter.


Flirting Techniques and Styles: Discover diverse flirting styles—from eye contact to playful touches—and how they can signify interest and build attraction.

Setting Boundaries: Understand the significance of clear communication and consent in dating, highlighting how asking for permission can be both respectful and sexy.

Embracing Self-Worth: Learn why knowing and valuing oneself is essential in navigating the dating world and how it can influence the types of relationships you attract.

The Power of Mystery: Find out how holding back certain details can enhance intrigue and foster a gradual, more meaningful exploration of potential partners.

Self-Cheating in Relationships: Reflect on how personal decisions and fear can lead to self-sabotage in relationships and personal growth. 

Episode Highlights:

  • A discussion on the controversial views of RuPaul on monogamy and self-cheating.
  • Insights into how various flirting styles can indicate different emotional needs and expressions.
  • The balance between being too forward and too reserved and how to navigate this in social and romantic encounters.

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