Melbourne’s drag scene is as vibrant and diverse as the city itself, and one of its shining stars is the enigmatic Bathsheba. Known for her unique aesthetic and captivating performances, Bathsheba has built a strong reputation in the world of drag. In a recent episode of the Modern Gays podcast, titled “The Evolution of Bathsheba,” we had the pleasure of sitting down with Bathsheba herself to discuss her journey, her creative process, and her valuable advice for young drag queens.

The origin of her name comes from Bathsheba Sherman, a real life character in the horror film The Conjuring. Bathsheba is a self-proclaimed misunderstood villain, drawing inspiration from iconic characters like Maleficent and Elphaba from Wicked. This connection to misunderstood villains reflects Bathsheba’s unique perspective on her own drag persona and her place in the world of drag.