In this special one-year anniversary episode of Modern Gays, Daniel and Garet return to the heart of the podcast—discussing the intricacies of love and relationships. They dive into the evolving dating landscape of 2024, decoding the fresh lingo and trends that define modern love. From "Canon-Bailing" to "VBD" (Vision Board Dating), they break down the terms you need to know. Plus, a detour into their recent escapades, including their thoughts on Beyoncé's latest album and the virtues of a relaxing getaway. Join them as they explore what these developments mean for seeking connection and understanding in today's fast-paced world.


Show Notes:

Welcome and Anniversary Celebrations: Daniel and Garet kick off the episode celebrating the first anniversary of Modern Gays, expressing gratitude to their listeners and setting the stage for today's focus on love and relationships.

Musical Digressions: The duo dives into their current musical obsessions, with a particular nod to Beyoncé's "Cowboy Carter." The duo shares how music has been a backdrop to their recent life events, including a memorable road trip.

The Essence of Love and Relationships: Reflecting on how the essence of Modern Gays is to explore the dynamics of love and relationships, they highlight how new dating terminologies and trends are reshaping the way we connect.

Decoding the Dating Lexicon:

  • Canon-Bailing: Discussing the concept of leaving a relationship to focus on personal growth and how it's becoming a common trend.
  • VBD (Vision Board Dating): Exploring the strategy of positioning oneself in a future location through dating apps to manifest relocation or new beginnings.
  • Thera-Posing: Cautioning against the misuse of therapeutic terms in dating contexts.
  • Premature Intimacy: The pitfalls of oversharing or rushing emotional/physical intimacy in new relationships.

Personal Reflections: Sharing personal experiences and opinions on these trends, Daniel and Garet navigate the complex landscape of modern dating, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and honest communication.

Looking Ahead: Speculations on the future of dating, including the potential impact of AI and the importance of loyalty, respect, open-mindedness, and self-care in future relationships.

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