Explore the nuances of LGBTQ+ travel with Stefan Arestis from Nomadic Boys, who along with his partner Sebastien Chaneac, has turned their passion for travel into a powerful platform for advocacy and visibility. This episode covers everything from the safest places for gay travelers, navigating cultural challenges, to the power of supporting local LGBTQ+ communities in conservative countries.

In-Depth Overview of Topics Discussed:

  1. The Journey of Nomadic Boys: Stefan shares the origin story of their blog and book, detailing how personal experiences shaped their journey into global gay travel experts.
  2. Travel Challenges and Triumphs: Insight into the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ travelers, including anecdotes from Stefan's experiences in less tolerant countries.
  3. Celebrating Safe Spaces: Stefan highlights some of the most welcoming LGBTQ+ destinations around the world and what makes them special.
  4. Advocacy Through Travel: Discussion on how traveling as an openly gay couple can serve as an act of visibility and advocacy, influencing perceptions and policies in various cultures.
  5. Supporting Local LGBTQ+ Communities: The importance of choosing where to spend money during travels to support and strengthen local LGBTQ+ businesses and communities.
  6. Safety and Authenticity in Travel: Stefan discusses how to balance authenticity with safety, sharing practical tips for navigating different cultural landscapes as a gay traveler.

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Buy 'Out in the World: The Gay Guide to Travelling with Pride' by Stefan Arestis and Sebastien Chaneac here.

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