Writing Your Own Wedding Rules with Megan Watson
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Writing Your Own Wedding Rules with Megan Watson

Join us for a heartfelt conversation with Australia's leading celebrant, Megan Watson, as we discuss all things wedding and love.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Australia's leading celebrant, Megan Watson, who shared invaluable insights on everything from attraction versus true love, to connecting with wedding vendors, and the transition from dating to marriage. Our own wedding photographer, Katie Harmsworth, played a significant role in our special day, and Megan helped us understand how that connection was based on genuine emotion and the importance of such connections in creating a memorable wedding experience.

Our conversation also touched on the evolution of weddings since the legalization of same-sex marriage in Australia and the immediate shift in the industry that followed. Megan helped us break down traditional wedding stereotypes and the impact of inclusive language on modern ceremonies. We even discussed the challenges COVID has brought to weddings, and how it's encouraging couples to question traditional norms.

As we delved into the world of wedding planning, Megan emphasized the significance of being a good ally and staying true to oneself. She shared valuable advice for couples navigating difficult conversations with family members and reflected on the importance of love in every aspect of the wedding journey. Join us in celebrating love in all its forms and discovering how to create a meaningful and memorable wedding experience!


  • (00:07) - Wedding Love: Megan Watson discusses attraction, true love, connecting with vendors, transitioning to marriage, and shared vision for couples.
  • (08:06) - Evolution of Weddings and Inclusive Language: LGBT marriage, wedding traditions, and COVID's impact on weddings are discussed.
  • (19:37) - Wedding Planning and Love: Being a good ally, 'do whatever the f* you want' weddings, hard conversations with parents, and who marriage is for and isn't, all discussed to emphasize love.
  • Marriage Celebrant and Episode Special Guest, Megan Watson's Website and Instagram
  • Photographer, Katie Harmsworth's Instagram
  • Florist, Graham Ho / Tweed Twigs' Instagram
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