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On the podcast Modern Gays, married duo Daniel and Garet talk about everyday life, sexuality, relationships and much more, all from a super-celebratory gay point-of-view. Recorded between Melbourne, Australia and Los Angeles, California – Modern Gays is published weekly everywhere podcasts stream.

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Season 1 – Welcome to the Gayborhood

Season One is a collection of broad topics from Queer A.I to dealing with envy, being friends with your ex, finding the one, lessons from a drag queen, booty care 101, and navigating surrogacy. It's a wild mix. Our growing audience and the love for the episodes prove that we're not all the same and, at the same time, curious about the dynamic lives our big community builds and experiences.

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Season 2 – Introducing Only Whispers

We're already starting 2024 strong with another season of Modern Gays. Launching our new listener advice segment, "Only Whispers," each week, we answer the most burning and taboo questions you're too afraid to ask your friends and family.

Our first few episodes have explored setting goals for the year ahead, being heard and understood, dealing with rumors, the media's role in shaping LGBTQ+ views and the sweaty science of pheromones and attraction. Subscribe on any podcast platform and stream new episodes every week!

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Show Format

Published weekly on Tuesdays (12AM PST – Los Angeles)
Every episode starts with an update on our day-to-day experiences, funny encounters or trending weekly topics.
Show topics are covered with your hosts, Daniel and Garet, along with special guests like drag stars, relationship gurus, sex experts and mental health professionals.
Each episode in Season 2 features "Only Whispers," our weekly advice segment answering that week's most relatable burning and taboo questions submitted by you, our listeners!

The Hosts of Modern Gays

Portrait of Daniel and Garet standing infront of red brick wall.
From left: Daniel Camilleri and Garet Camilleri

Daniel Camilleri

Dancer turned tech startup venturer, Daniel has performed with icons like Kylie Minogue and built impactful business solutions in boardrooms. Creative at the heart, with almost no filter, Daniel sashays all day no matter what he’s doing to form meaningful relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Born and raised in Melbourne, Daniel has also lived and worked in Sydney and Los Angeles, where he met his now husband and Modern Gays collaborator, Garet.

Garet Camilleri

Filmmaker, photographer, and creative entrepreneur Garet has over a decade of experience in entertainment and advertising. He hopes to resonate to audiences through emotive storytelling and creating striking visual experiences. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, and now residing in Melbourne – Garet supports the creative community through independent projects that are meant to evolve and push boundaries.

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