We explore the Ins and Outs of 2024, share our personal resolutions and introduce a new segment that we'll feature in every episode in Season 2 of Modern Gays for 2024. Our unique blend of humor, insight, and audience engagement makes this episode a must-listen for those interested in LGBTQ+ culture, lifestyle, and relationships. Daniel and Garet share their personal growth goals and resolutions, reflecting on the lessons from 2023 and setting an optimistic tone for the new year. The episode also dives into community trends for 2024, featuring insights from "Out Magazine." 

Don't miss our new weekly segment, "Only Whispers", which adds a dynamic and interactive element, addressing your burning questions on dating, relationships, and lifestyle choices!


Key Moments:

  • Introduction to the new season's energy and reflections on 2023
  • Out Magazine’s list of what’s not to bring into 2024, including a humorous take on George Santos and Elon Musk's Twitter
  • LGBTQ+ representation in media and the call for longer series durations
  • Personal outtakes like brown rice, alcohol-centric gatherings, and late-night phone scrolling
  • Introduction of the "Only Whispers" segment, where we answer hot topics and provocative questions



  • [00:00]: 2023 Reflections
  • [05:30]: New Year Resolutions and Personal 'Ins' for 2024
  • [12:00]: Community Trends and 'Out Magazine's' List
  • [20:00]: Only Whispers – Your Burning Questions Answered
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