Gay Math: Cracking the Code
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Gay Math: Cracking the Code

Join Daniel and Garet for a rollercoaster ride through "gay math," as they crunch numbers on relationship red flags and Pride merch, delivering a perfect equation of laughter and enlightenment.

Join Daniel and Garet as they decode the viral sensation of "gay math," a playful yet thought-provoking lens on LGBTQIA+ culture, relationships, and stereotypes. From navigating relationship red flags to the ethics of Pride merch, this episode is a whirlwind of chuckles and enlightenment. This episode promises a rollercoaster of laughter, a-ha moments, and soul-searching reflections. So, grab your calculators and your sense of humor, because we're about to crunch some numbers and shatter some stereotypes, all while celebrating the fabulous diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • The birth and impact of "gay math"
  • How humor can illuminate taboo topics within the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Making ethical choices during Pride season
  • The role of iconic pop albums in shaping our sense of time and self


  • [10:30] The Genesis of "Gay Math"
  • [15:30] The Algebra of Red Flags in Relationships
  • [17:30] The Price Tag of Pride: Merch and Morality
  • [20:15] The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Pop Albums as Time Capsules
  • [23:30] The Art of Authenticity: Being True to You
  • Search #gaymath across social media
  • Elevate LGBTQIA+ artists and nonprofits this Pride season
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