Thank you for being a part of our journey. We only have two more episodes planned for this year, and are releasing  lots of exciting episodes in Season 2 launching January 2nd! 

  • "Am I the Drama? Am I the Villain?"
  • "Unapologetically Standing Tall"
  • "Pride Unveiled"
  • "Finding Home: Queer Insights on Home Design and Numerology"
  • "Booty Care 101"
  • "We Got Ghosted"
  • "Your Era and You"
  • "X's and O's"

Special Mentions:

  • Our favorite artists like Kim Petras, Taylor Swift, and more.
  • Special guests mentioned including Bathsheba, Dr. Carlton, Love Daddy Trev, and Ben Grubb.
  • The importance of embracing and owning your authentic self.


  • [00:02:00]: Celebrating the Evolution of "Modern Gays"
  • [00:03:15]: Recap of Top Episodes and Why They Resonated
  • [00:05:00]: Discussing the Impact of 'Pride Unveiled' and Writing Letters to Younger Selves
  • [00:07:00]: The Importance of Sexual Health in 'Booty Care 101'
  • [00:13:15]: Highlighting Memorable Interviews and Future Plans
  • [00:16:00]: Answering Listener Questions: From Meeting Each Other to Future Plans
  • [00:19:00]: Most Fun Moments of 2023 and Spontaneous Adventures
  • [00:21:30]: Closing Thoughts and Looking Forward to the Next Season

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