Let's get into the heart of authentic queer storytelling with our special guest, Jason Caceres. Known for his breakout role in the series "Open To It," Jason shares his journey as an out and proud actor, his experiences on set, and the importance of nuanced queer representation in media. 

In This Episode:

  • Jason's Path to "Open To It": Discover how Jason's varied career and his commitment to authentic queer representation led him to star in "Open To It," a series that explores modern queer relationships and the complexities of love and sexual exploration.
  • Behind the Scenes with Jason: Get a glimpse into the fun, challenges, and the unexpected turns of filming "Open To It," including working with superstar drag queens like Manila Luzon and Laganja Estranja.
  • Throuple Dynamics Explored: Jason dives into the dynamics of throuples, as portrayed in "Open To It," and shares personal insights on communication, vulnerability, and the evolving landscape of queer relationships.
  • Authenticity on Screen and Beyond: Learn about the importance of portraying real, relatable queer experiences on screen and how Jason navigates his personal and professional life with authenticity.
  • Future Projects and Dreams: Jason talks about his future aspirations, upcoming projects, and his hope to continue pushing boundaries and celebrating queer stories.


Watch "Open To It": Streaming now on OutTV, "Open To It" is a must-watch for anyone looking for a light-hearted yet profound exploration of queer relationships and identity.


More about Jason Caceres:

Jason Caceres is a Cuban American actor/model originally from Miami, Florida. Most recent credits include Criminal Minds, Insatiable, Kidding, Pam & Tommy, Days of Our Lives and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jason will play Chayce in new series “Boy Culture: Generation X,” a reboot of the original film by the same name.

Jason has made a name for himself in the indie LGBTQ+ film scene starring in films like “All American Boys” opposite Wilson Cruz, “Demonhuntr” on Amazon featuring Darryl Stephens, “Tina Town,” as well as “Open To It” costarring Laganja Estranja, Manila Luzon, Pandora Boxx, and Honey Davenport. He enjoys being incredibly active occupying his free time with physical activities like hiking, swimming and has taken up a passion for recreational pole dancing!”

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