Exes and Ohs! When Can You Be Friends with an Ex?
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Exes and Ohs! When Can You Be Friends with an Ex?

Daniel and Garet explore the complexities of remaining friends with your ex after a breakup. They share personal stories, discuss the challenges, and consider when it might be more feasible to maintain a friendship with a former partner.

Season 1 – Episode 6

Hosts Daniel and Garet delve into the complexities of maintaining friendships with ex-partners. Sharing personal experiences and perspectives, they tackle the challenges and nuances of navigating the delicate terrain of exes and friendships.

The episode kicks off with Garet expressing his belief that remaining friends with an ex can be difficult due to the lingering sexual connection. Daniel, on the other hand, is able to separate sex and love, making it easier for him to stay friends with a former partner. They discuss the confusion that can arise when staying in a friends-with-benefits zone and emphasize the importance of ending a relationship early if there is no connection or spark.

The conversation shifts to their upcoming dinner with someone Daniel casually dated in the past, and they note how this can be perceived as strange by some people. They also point out that run-ins with exes are quite common in gay relationships. Garet shares a complex situation about being friends with an ex, illustrating the intricacies of these relationships.

Daniel and Garet highlight the ease of using the friend zone as an exit strategy from a relationship and discuss the retrospective analysis that occurs after a breakup, which often leads to understanding why a friendship may not be feasible. They also explore scenarios in which exes can more easily be friends, such as after a first date or when there's no sexual chemistry.

Towards the end of the episode, they remind listeners that they don't have to accept being friends after a breakup and should trust the process of life. Emphasizing self-worth and the importance of staying true to oneself, they encourage listeners to believe in their own path. Finally, Daniel and Garet share lighthearted shoutouts to their exes, providing a heartwarming conclusion to an insightful episode.

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